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Micellar Water: Baby No-Rinse Body Cleanser for All Skin Types | Omumsie - omumsie

Micellar Water: Baby No-Rinse Body Cleanser for All Skin Types | Omumsie

Micellar Water: Baby No-Rinse Body Cleanser for All Skin Types | Omumsie

No rinse body cleanser Micellar water

You may be familiar with Micellar water. Apart from Micellar water being great for removing makeup and cleansing the face, micellar water is great for cleaning your baby's skin easily and safely. Here, O’mumsie baby experts share everything you need to know about micellar water.
What is Micellar Water? 
Imagine a cleanser that cleanses your skin but you don't have to rinse it off after applying it. This is micellar water. Simply put, micellar water is a liquid cleanser that removes dirt and oil from the skin without need of rinsing with tap water after washing.
How does micellar water work? 
It may be hard to believe that O’mumsie no rinse body Cleaner does a lot of washing or rinsing, but it does! 
Our no rinse body cleanser is organic micellar water, as the name suggests, is a water formula containing amazing particles called micelles. These micelles are mainly oil and soil magnets. When you rub your skin with a cloth soaked in micellar water, the tiny micelles attract all the dirt. Therefore, micellar water removes dirt, cosmetics and oil from the skin without depriving the skin of moisture and causing discomfort. 
Is micellar water good for babies & children ?
Made with almost 100% organic ingredients omumsie no rinse body cleanser micellar water mainly contains aloe vera, papaya extract (helps to plump the skin to improve its appearance) & cold-pressed olives (to enhance effectiveness and protect the skin). Like all of our products this no rinse body cleanser is gentle on baby skin and effective enough to add to your makeup removal routine. Its Hypoallergenic, non-alcoholic micellar water specially formulated for children.
Micellar waters especially those for adults, may contain alcohol and other harmful ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS). It is best to avoid this type of micellar water as it can irritate your baby's sensitive skin. Finally, always stay away from strong plastics like parabens, and phthalates. 
Omumsie’s No rinse body cleanser Micellar water has also been tested under the supervision of pediatricians and dermatologists. 
With this in mind, you can always use O’mumsie untreated purified water with peace of mind. It's like cleansing water that doesn't need to be washed off and since it's fragrance-free, it soothes and protects your baby's sensitive skin without being stressed by the scent. 
How do I use micellar water? 
Spray no rinse micellar cleansing water on the cotton swab or towel. Gently wipe the part of the child's body you want to clean with the damp cloth. The area can be wiped several times as needed. (If using micellar water to clean your baby's nappy area, be sure to wash from front to back!) It's that simple! Micellar water provides a protective and powerful feel that makes it quick and easy to use. Its best to use a cotton swab or soft towel when cleaning your baby's diaper area, or other part of body. 
When should I use micellar water? 
Micellar water is 1 powerful product and there are so many reasons to buy it, it can be used - 
 • When changing a baby's diaper. Micellar water is very helpful, especially after particularly dirty diaper. 
 • When you’re traveling or going on vacation. Omumsie’s No Rinse body Cleanser is perfect for long trips or a quick clean up. 
 • The period when your child lacks the ability and willingness to fully follow the daily cleaning routine. Micellar water is not a substitute for shower, but yes a powerful substitute for your busy life. 
 • If your child has dry skin or is prone to dermatitis. Bathing your baby multiple times a day can dehydrate your baby's skin, so use omumsie’s no rinse body cleanser to keep your baby's skin flawless and hydrated between showers. 
 • In cold weather, or when your baby is not well to take a bath, you can clean your baby with omumsie Micellar water. Your baby will be squeaky clean.
 • Be it Children’s messy food eating , play dates in park or play areas, you name the mess and this omumsie’s no rinse cleanser can clean it all. Its A perfect addition to your baby’s diaper bag!!
 • Apart from this Micellar Water is a versatile item for washing hands after exercise or when soap and water are not available. 
 • Used as a Women Makeup Remover 
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