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Congestion And Cough / Allergy Season - Vapor Bubble Bath And No-Rinse Body Cleanser - omumsie

Congestion And Cough / Allergy Season - Vapor Bubble Bath And No-Rinse Body Cleanser

Congestion And Cough / Allergy Season - Vapor Bubble Bath And No-Rinse Body Cleanser

Stepping into the phase of motherhood, as described by the artist Sarah Walker, is discovering the existence of a strange new room in the house where you already reside. And it allows a woman to put herself second happily. Parenting comes with its own share of duties and responsibilities. It is no hidden fact that a mother can easily detect even the slightest change in the behavior of her newborn/ infant . So, when the season changes and the child starts to face a problem of congestion, the mother starts to worry about how to provide relief to the baby. 

Respiratory illnesses such as congestion are highly common in babies/ toddlers . If you, as a mother, are worried about your little one and want to give instant relief to your baby, O’mumsie is at your rescue. Check out the common symptoms below and then products to help protect your baby against congestion this allergy season.

Symptoms For Seasonal Congestion in Babies

When it comes to congestion, it occurs when mucus starts to accumulate in the nose as well as in the airways. 

It may be difficult to know the exact reason for congestion in a baby, as their airways are not appropriately apart to determine that. If the baby has a runny nose and mucus, it may have nasal congestion. 

Though mild congestion is not a big concern, it must be taken seriously and addressed quickly. However, when the baby is suffering from congestion, the main concern of a mother should be to help the baby by clearing any mucus and keeping them comfortable.

There are several symptoms that babies exhibit when they are suffering from congestion:

  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Grunting
  • Trouble while eating
  • Constant cold and sneezing
  • The presence of thick nasal mucus
  • viral infections, such as a cold
  • a deviated sputum
  • allergies

O’mumsie To The Rescue For The NewBorns And New Moms

To all mothers who are looking for a product that can provide them ease from congestion, must look out for these two magical products:

Vapor Bubble bath

This Vapor Bubble Bath by O’mumsie comprises soothing ingredients such as lavender, rosemary oil, and menthol. All these ingredients are considered highly effective when it comes to cold and work by soothing the sinus. This does not cause any irritation to the child, so rest assured about the crying. 

The way to use it is to pour a generous amount of O’mumsie’s Vapor Bubble Bath into a warm bath. After that, assist your child in soaking while breathing in the vapor. Don’t forget to sing a rhyme while doing that! This will calm the baby’s senses. Pat the skin dry with a gentle cloth and witness the breathtaking smile of your baby! 

No-Rinse Body Cleanser 

Putting your child within close proximity of water while they are already suffering from congestion could be a little tough. . Furthermore, it can potentially increase congestion in babies sometimes . Now, if you are looking for a way to bathe your baby while they are having a cold, we’ve got your back! Our No-Rinse Body Cleanser is the best option for you. Let us explain how!

This cleanser helps in cleaning the baby even without water, and it is completely gentle on their skin. The ingredients that are involved in its formation are Aloe Vera and Olive oil. They both work together to clean, moisturize, nourish, and soothe the baby’s skin with no need of water for rinsing. This product is not only beneficial to the baby but also benefits the mother. O’mumsie’s No-Rinse Body Cleanser can be used as a make-up remover by the mother. 

Reasons Behind Congestion in Babies During Allergy Season

A baby could suffer from congestion due for several reasons: 

  • Asthma
  • Premature birth
  • Common Flu
  • Pneumonia
  • Transient Tachypnea (happens in the first two days within the birth only)
  • Changes in weather
  • Breathing in air pollutants
  • Breathing in dry air

Common Cough Treatment For Babies

According to the enduring myth, holding an onion near the baby’s head can completely cure congestion. However, doctors reveal that there are no actual studies backing up this myth. Moreover, there are several other home treatments that can be done if a child is facing congestion. Some basic treatments include:


The mother can tell when the baby is hungry and when he wants to sleep. Medical experts say that a baby should wet a diaper at least every 3-4 hours . 

TLC (Tender Loving Care)

Offer frequent feedings by maintaining a uniform feeding pattern and making sure the baby completes the sleep. Unfortunately, there are no rules to provide a cure for a child’s cold completely.


A warm water bath has long been mom's trusted treatment for congestion in babies. It helps in calming the nerves and provides soothing sensations to the body.


Massage is another effective way to ease the pain and stretch due to congestion. Try to gently rub the arms and limbs of the baby so that he/she would feel comfortable. Use omumsie sweet dreams sleepy balm, it will relax & calm your baby. 

The Magic Behind Vapor Bubble Bath And No-Rinse Body Cleanser

O’mumsie is a brand that promises to bring the kindest and purest skincare for mothers and their babies. The products we create are completely organic and vegan. We understand how delicate motherhood is. This is why we do our best to become your perfect companion throughout this journey. Our products are sulfate-free and safe for babies and their mommies.

All our packaging is recyclable and environment-friendly. Our promise is to provide quality products that are pocket-friendly and completely safe to use during the pregnancy and lactation stages. We bring you active plant ingredients that bring the sheer joy of being around beautiful aromas and textures. The wide range of products you get here are dermatologists and pediatrician-approved. So, there will be no worries while you explore our exquisite range. Get ready for this season!

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