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Learn to Wash & Manage baby / kid Hair Style ? - omumsie

Learn to Wash & Manage baby / kid Hair Style ?

Learn to Wash & Manage baby / kid Hair Style ?

Want to know more about washing your baby’s hair and scalp? You have come to the right place, or to correctly say the right article. Let’s explore more about hair care for babies below. 

When to Wash Baby’s Hair and Scalp?

Immediately after birth, nurses or midwives will clean and bathe the baby before swaddling and dressing them up. Once you return from the hospital, you can start a bathing regimen for your baby. It’s not necessary to wash your baby’s hair every day or even wash it when bathing the baby. Twice a week washing will cleanse their scalp and hair and get rid of the excess oil. If your newborn has a full head of hair, you can use baby hair products like O’mumsie’s “no-tear” baby shampoo & wash to clean their hair effectively. 

Baby Hair Care and Wash Steps

Follow these steps to effectively wash your baby’s hair. Support your baby’s body, especially the head, neck, and skin as they are very soft and can be injured. Also ensure that water is lukewarm and does not enter your baby’s eyes and ears. For newborns, either wash their hair separately or at the end of the bath when you can give it full concentration. Babies generally don’t like a wet head of hair and will feel cold. 

  1. Select the right hair products for washing your baby’s hair. Baby products buy online from O’mumsie to get the best for your baby and yourself. Some of the products in their repertoire include a “no-rinse'' body cleanser perfect for newborns and infants that do not require any water to clean. Their no tear baby wash and shampoo are ideal for washing newborn hair and scalp. It is natural, organic, and gentle on your baby’s skin. After the bath, you should apply O’mumsie’s face and body butter on your baby’s skin. It moisturizes, soothes, and protects your baby’s skin and scalp. 
  1. Put a few drops of baby shampoo in a bowl filled with lukewarm water.
  1. Wet your baby’s hair with a few drops of clean lukewarm water. Next, put some drops of baby shampoo and water solution on your baby’s head and massage it gently. Do not rub or scrub forcefully and ensure it does not get into your baby’s eyes and ears. If you are only washing your baby’s hair, you can create a secure DIU platform with a slight incline on where to place the baby. This way, the wastewater will flow back and not into the baby’s eyes, ears, and rest of the body.  
  1. After the massaging, rinse the shampoo thoroughly and do not leave any residue behind so as to prevent dryness and itchy scalp. 
  1. After rinsing, get a soft baby washcloth and gently pat the water dry from their hair with utmost care. 
  1. To remove any tangles from the baby’s hair, comb with a wide-tooth comb gently. Do not pull on the tangled hair as it may lead to hair loss. 
  1. Finally, moisturize your baby’s skin with O’mumsie’s face and body butter filled with the goodness of cocoa and shea butter and enriched with all-natural organic ingredients. 

Hair Care Tips for Toddlers with Thick Tangled Hair

Babies blessed with beautiful curly hair or thick strong ones are adorable to look at but face difficulties detangling them. Sometimes rough and frizzy hair due to climate and other conditions is tough to comb and manage. For your toddlers and older children aged 6 months and above, O’mumsie’s “no cry” detangler hair serum is the best possible solution. 

It is composed of all-natural and organically derived Neroli extract and essential oils of avocado and grapefruit. This hair serum has excellent antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities, is rich in Vitamin E, rebalances pH levels of the skin and promotes healthy hair growth, and restores the balance of the scalp of your baby. Use it and make your toddler’s hair soft, shiny, manageable, and easy to comb with no pain whatsoever. 

Baby Products Buy Online from O’mumsie

O’mumsie creates excellent baby and mother products that are all-natural and organic. Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals and are based on aromatherapy principles. We create products that source the goodness of nature and provide body and mind benefits to both you, your precious baby, and the whole family. With our products, you are assured of getting the best quality natural products that nourish, pamper and protect your baby.  

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