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Winter season care products and tips for babies - omumsie

Winter season care products and tips for babies

Winter season care products and tips for babies

Winter is waking from a deep slumber, its eyes twinkling with excitement and mischief. New mommies out there, we hear your concern. As pleasant as winter sounds, relieving you from the scorching summer heat, it’s a tough time for infants and toddlers. Kiddos have very delicate and sensitive skin; even the minuscule thing can become a recipe for something worse. Thus, it’s time to search for winter care tips for babies, filling your shelves with baby winter care products.

We know how hard and exhausting motherhood can get, and you hardly have time for experimenting with your ancestor’s home remedies. So, listening to your concerns and keeping in mind your baby’s delicate skin, we bring these baby winter care products from O’mumsie and essential winter care tips for babies to follow.

Winter Care Products To Add To Your Cart

Child skin specialists suggest using chemical-free baby care products and natural winter care tips for babies to ensure their skin stays in the best health. Thus, here is a list of 100% natural winter care products for babies for you to buy.

Baby Soap - Bathe Like A Baby

Babies, too, require a thorough cleansing like adults. If you follow winter care tips for babies, you'll know the importance of a chemical-free soap. And what better than a moisturising baby soap with qualities of shea butter? This soap will be the best friend to your baby's skin during harsh winter weather. With its infused goodness of coconut extract, it will provide deep-level hydration, which will soothe your baby down.

Baby Shampoo & Wash

You can easily find the importance of a chemical-free shower in winter care tips for babies. And to ensure the goodness of nature, this baby shampoo+wash can be the best bet. It's a tear-free, all-in-one baby wash that will clean your child's delicate skin thoroughly but gently. This shampoo+wash is organic and easily rinses off, leaving the hair and body of your baby moisturised in its wake.

Face & Body Butter

Organic coconut extracts were used traditionally to keep the baby moisturised during winter. However, finding authentic and natural extracts are hard, so you can use this face & body better to meet your child's skin demands. Besides following winter care tips for babies, use this nourishing and revitalising body butter infused with Jojoba and Ylang Ylang oils. After a long hot bath, let cocoa and shea butter work their way through your child's skin.

No-rinse Body Cleanser

If your baby doesn't like the idea of bathing, the no-rinse cleanser can be the ideal solution. As the name implies, it's a no-rinse cleanser which doesn't require water to clean. Keep in mind one thing out of all winter care tips for babies, never force your baby into a bath. Simply dampen a cloth with water and this cleanser, and wipe your baby clean.

Sleepy Balm - Sweet Dreams

Moisturising and healthy sleep is among the best winter care tips for babies. It's a sleeping formula; rub the balm on your baby's pulse points (wrists, neck, etc.) and wait for lavender, spearmint, and chamomile oils to kick in. It will instantly relax your child's nerves and lull him into a relaxing sleep. The chemical and parabens formula is ideal for including this sleepy balm in your child's nighttime routine.

Vapour Bubble Bath

If you don't like the idea of using soaps as a new mommy, or your paediatrician suggests against them, this bubble bath will suit your demands. The rosemary and lavender extracts have healing and antioxidant properties to keep the baby healthy and brimming. Its medicinal and aromatic content soothes the baby and is perfect during jittery winter months.

Haemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment - Baby Bums

We all know about the delicateness of a child's skin, but did you know their bums are more sensitive? Along with all the winter care tips for babies, care for your baby's bum with this ointment. It's rich in herbal ingredients like coconut oil, Karanja oil, and neem oil and will treat the baby's mum's fissures. This ointment effectively soothes the itching area, resulting in a happy baby.

Winter Care Tips For Babies To Follow

These winter care tips for babies add the benefits of baby winter care products. Carefully read the tips and prepare for winter.

Use Humidifier
The first rule among all winter care tips for babies is to use a humidifier, it helps to keep your baby warm and his skin moisturised during harsh winter weather. The last thing you would need during winter is your baby's skin cracking, so keep a humidifier handy and exempt from potential blisters.

Use Lukewarm Water
Bathing remains an ordeal during winters, especially when you are a new mom. Write down these winter care tips for babies; use lukewarm water when washing or bathing your baby. Although lukewarm water should remain throughout the year of practice, follow this rule, especially in winter.

Apply Moisturiser
Winter care tips for babies mean 'Moisturising'. To keep your baby's skin healthy and supple, nourish it with an effective and natural moisturiser. Make it a daily practice to moisturise your baby's body after a bath.

Keep Them Warm
Bundle up your kiddos, ladies! Winter is approaching, and these winter care tips for babies will save you from sneezing and coughing. Make them wear thermals and sweaters to keep chilly winter air at bay. But remember, don't overdo it!

Maintain Nutritional Diet 

Diet is crucial to maintaining a healthy body, especially when winters are high for diseases. Out of all winter care tips for babies, it's among the most important ones to follow. Additionally, talk to a paediatrician if you have any further queries.

O'mumsie, founded by Divya Mehendiratta, celebrates pregnancy and motherhood. We know how choosey and particular moms are when it comes to their babies. Keeping every concern and care in mind our professionals have prepared organic products for moms and babies with every concern and care in mind. If you are also concerned about your little star's skin health during winter, these winter care tips for babies and winter care products will certainly satisfy you. 

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