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Why is Your Baby Crying?

Why is Your Baby Crying?

Congratulations if you have just given birth to a baby.

When your little one arrives in the world, he/she spells the gospel with a cry. Not to mention, it's just their way of saying - Grand Hello! At first, the baby's crying may sound pleasing to the ears. Further, in the early stages of life, your baby will cry a lot, I repeat - a lot. Though crying is a way for babies to communicate with you about their basic needs, babies' cries can be totally disarming and destabilising. No doubt, seeing your baby crying at night and day helplessly can be disheartening and upsetting for you. That's where the question arises - why do babies cry at night? If this question also trotters in your mind, then this guide is just for you. In this write-up, we will walk you through everything about the baby cry. Stride along with us till the end. 

What are the different stages of crying?

Just like adults have various intonations when they speak, so does your baby cry. No doubt, a cry plays a crucial role in the health and development of infants. Baby crying is basically a psychological reaction to their primary needs. However the stages and sound might vary depending on the baby crying at night or day. Here are the different stages of crying that you need to know about - 

Hunger or overfeeding

Hunger is among the main reasons baby crying. If your baby is hungry, here are some hunger cues you need to look for, such as;

  • Opening mouth 
  • Licking or smacking lips
  • Putting hands inside mouth 
  • Clenching hands into a fist 
  • Turning head towards breast or bottle 

Further, overfeeding also makes the baby crying at night, so look for signs of fullness as well, including:

  • They close their mouth 
  • They relax their hand
  • Begin  to fall asleep 
  • Turn away from bottles or breast


Cries of discomfort or pain begin as a high-pitched, intense wail followed by very loud crying. It is known to be the most concerning crying. When your baby is in pain, you will notice a change in your baby's behaviour, expression, or movements. Such a type of baby crying is caused by teething, constipation, diaper rash, or something else, during this time give a light massage with massage oil gel which will help to reduce their pain. 

Tired or Discomfort 

We all get tired - and - your baby is no exception. Babies do cry if there is too much hubbub around them, like noise, movement, activity, etc. They cry to release the tension which is making them feel discomfort. Simply put, they're annoyed, and a tired baby can be a cranky baby. So if baby crying at night, change their nappy, feed them and soothe by making them sleep. 

Dirty diaper

The fact is that some babies can sit and survive in dirty diapers without care. And some babies go eccentric, feel uncomfortable, and don't survive in dirty diapers for more than a second. We understand that a baby crying at night can be upsetting, therefore, you need to quickly check, and a sniff test would let you know whether your baby is crying due to diaper discomfort or not. 


No one wants to fall sick or likes being miserable, including babies. So, if your little one feels unwell, baby crying will be more than usual. Every parent is well aware of their baby's cry, so if there is a continuous baby crying at night, illness can be one of the reasons. Forget not to take him/her to the doctor. 

How to soothe a baby's tears? The ultimate tips 

Seeing your baby crying a lot is literally frustrating, overwhelming, and upsetting. So, how do you soothe them? Here are the tips for you to follow.

  • Hum a calming or gentle tune 
  • Lay your baby in the cot and rhythmically pat their back
  • Take your baby for a stroll 
  • Embrace or wrap your baby; it will help the baby feel secure 
  • Try to play with your baby to make them feel that they are not alone

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