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Where to Apply Sleepy Balm? - omumsie

Where to Apply Sleepy Balm?

Where to Apply Sleepy Balm?

Parenting is blissful, exhilarating, and exhausting at the same time. When your bundle of joy arrives, expect to sleep a lot less than before, at least in the early days. Your baby has left the comfort of the dark and soothing womb and needs to learn to sleep in a new strange and bright world. With time, your little one’s sleep cycle grows. 

But sometimes your wee baby will struggle to fall asleep. Maybe they are excited and notice something interesting. For a toddler, everything is interesting and new. Babies also struggle to fall asleep when you introduce a new sleeping routine. If you take away a known habit and introduce a new one, your cuddle bunny will have trouble adjusting to it initially. Or it can be that your little one needs extra love and more of your physical touch. 

O’Mumsie’s Sleepy Balm for Your Cuddle Bunny’s Good Sleep

O’Mumsie’s Sweet Dreams sleepy balm is an easy and effective answer to your baby’s sleeping issues. It is an all-natural sleep balm based on aromatherapy principles and recommended for babies of age 3 months and above. Made of organic essential oils, it has no harmful ingredients or chemicals and is free of any side effects. The blend of chamomile, lavender, sandalwood, olive, and other essential oils calm and soothe your child and promote healthy sleep. The delightful mild aroma turns your baby’s bedtime routine into a fun and relaxing activity for both of you to enjoy. And the best thing is, with its nourishing and moisturizing properties, it is great for your cuddle monster’s skin too.  

Where to Apply Sleepy Balm? 

It can be pretty exhausting if your cuddle bunny refuses to sleep. You feel tired and sleepy the next day and barely accomplish any other work. But knowing how and where to effectively apply sleepy balm will be a game-changer for you. It’s all about pulse points and gentle acupressure techniques. Applying and massaging sleepy balm on certain body parts not only calms your child but also deals with other issues like aches, pains, and tummy trouble. Have a look at different pulse and acupressure points that are associated with calming and healing your child. With a little practice and a lot of fun, you will figure out what exact pulse and pressure points soothes your baby and induces deep sleep.

  1. For Babies Between 3 to 6 Months  

If your child is between 3 to 6 months, then the soles of the feet are the best area for the application of sleepy balm. Feel the depression on the soles of your baby’s feet and apply a little bit of balm to them. Now gently massage in a circular or up-and-down motion for a few minutes. Next, relax and admire your sweet angel sleeping. 

  1. For Babies 6 Months and Above

You can use the sleepy balm on a number of pulse and pressure points if your baby is 6 months and older. Have a look at these massaging areas below.

     a. Wrist and Forearm

Your baby may be having a hard time sleeping due to tummy troubles. Your baby may be uncomfortable due to reflux or gassy tummy. To remedy this, put a small quantity of the sleepy balm on the underside of their palms and wrists. Gently massage in a circular motion. It will settle their digestion and you will notice your baby is calmer and more relaxed than before. 

      b. Chest

Gently massaging O’Mumsie’s sleepy balm onto your baby’s chest allows more skin-to-skin contact between you and your child. It strengthens your bond and releases happy hormones too. It also helps reach the soothing aroma of the balm to your baby quickly. 

      c. Back 

Lightly massaging your baby’s back with sleepy balm also helps them settle down. Dab small drops of sleepy balm on either side of the spine about a thumbs-width or two away from it. Now using only your thumbs, gently start massaging from the top and continue down to the waist. Keep the pressure light and watch your baby enjoy the massage. 

      d. Feet and Legs

Take O’Mumsie’s sleepy balm and rub it onto your palms. Now massage your baby’s calves and ankles with it. Next, rub onto their soles and massage in a circular motion.

      e. Temples and Between the Eyebrows

Now comes the final part of the sleepy balm massage. Apply a little bit of sleepy balm to your baby’s temples and lightly massage it. Massaging the temple relieves the general pain and irritation and calms your baby instantly. Next, focus on the area exactly between the eyebrows and right above the nose. In acupressure, this area is called “the sleep button”. Apply a little bit of sleepy balm to this area. Now gently massage with a very light hand with a fingertip going toward the nose. Do it for 30 seconds to a minute. At this point, your cuddle bunny is sure to fall asleep. Massaging this part calms your baby and also clears breathing issues like irritated throat and coughing, which also interrupt sleep.  

      f. Sleepy Balm for Other Baby Issues

Leg cramps, teething troubles, and other growing pains can also disturb your baby’s sleep. Massaging the relevant acupressure points with O’Mumsie’s sleepy balm relieves these symptoms and helps your baby fall asleep. 

  1. For teething troubles put a small amount of balm between the thumb and pointer finger of your baby’s palm. Massage in a circular motion for best results.  
  2. For leg cramps and pain apply a small amount of sleepy balm between the first and second toe of your baby’s feet. Next, lightly massage with your thumbs till their pain subsides. 
  3. For tummy or digestive troubles, put a small quantity of the sleepy balmon the underside of your baby’s palms and wrists. Gently massage in a circular motion. It will settle their digestion and calm them.

Final Thoughts

Where to apply sleepy balm? We hope you got the answer to your queries with our article. Good sleep is essential for us to function. Introduce O’Mumsie’s sleep balm to your baby’s bedtime routine now for a rested and happy baby and a rejuvenated and energetic you. 

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