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Baby Cream or Body Lotion or Baby Body Butter? Confused ! - omumsie

Baby Cream or Body Lotion or Baby Body Butter? Confused !

Baby Cream or Body Lotion or Baby Body Butter? Confused !


Baby Cream, Baby Lotion, and Baby Body Butter - Which one to choose ?

So many questions in mind !! 
As a Mothers we all know the importance of moisturizing the baby’s skin as it is very prone to frequent dryness, rashes, and irritation. Its super important to keeps the baby’s skin well-hydrated, looking and feeling fresh and soft. With a plethora of baby products in the market, it becomes difficult to know and choose the best for your young one. When it comes to skin moisturization, a common doubt arises in many mothers, what is best for the baby cream , baby lotions, or baby body butters?
 1. Body Creams have a middle ground among the 3 products. It is thicker than lotions but not as thick as body butters. They are a composition of water and oil, where the ratio is about the same. They are of medium consistency and provide medium hydration too.
 2. Baby lotions are the lightest of the lot. They primarily contain water as a major ingredient along with a bit of oil and have low moisturizing properties, making the consistency a bit runny. The lotion does not penetrate deep into the skin and stays on the upper layer, only for a few hours.  
 3. Baby body butters have the thickest formula and high moisturizing properties. They compose of rich oils and very little water, making it the best for intense nourishment and hydration. They have penetrative properties that go deep into the skin and have lasting power. 
Since the baby’s skin is a victim of dryness very often, body butters for babies is an ideal choice for a moisturizer. Omumsie baby soft Body and Face Butter are natural body butters for babies. They are rich in Shea Butter , Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Oil , Cocoa Butter, which keep the baby’s skin soft, supple, and hydrated. 
Omumsie face and body butter contains cold pressed oils and hydrating butters that help nourish your baby’s skin. This baby butter go on smooth and thick to provide many benefits for your little one’s skin:
 • Deep Hydration: Infused with shea butter, cocoa butter, and oatmeal extract, omumsie face and body butter penetrate deep into your skin making your baby’s skin healthy-looking and irresistibly smooth.
 • Long-Lasting Moisturizing Action: O'mumsie face and Body butter continues hydrating for hours, delivering moisture and nutrients to dry skin that needs it most. This skincare superstar can also do wonders for eczema prone skin.
 • Focused Revitalizing Effect: The intense hydration of body butter makes it ideal for treating areas prone to dryness. For example, if you notice that your baby’s elbows tend to dry out during the day, you can apply some nourishing body butter directly.
 • Excellent Skin Care: As O'mumsie’s face and body butter absorbs into your kids skin, it provides long-lasting hydration and helps prevent future dry skin.
After soaking in a soothing bath with omumsie baby shampoo+wash , dry your baby with a towel and spread a layer of O'mumsie face and body butter over your little one’s skin. The nourishing ingredients will deliver supple skin for an unforgettable treat.
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