No-rinse Body Cleanser

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Recommended By Dermatologist & Pediatricians.

This no-rinse cleanser cleans the baby without water. Our cleanser is gentle on their skin. Olive oil and Aloe vera work in unison to soothe, moisturize and nourish the skin. Damp a soft cloth with this cleanser and wipe to clean. Ideal for makeup removal too. 250 ml / 8.4 fl oz Age Group : 0+

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Baby bunny loves chocolate, doesn’t he? But the chocolate always gets half eaten and half smeared on the face! Our no-rinse body cleanser is a perfect match for such times. This cleanser works harmoniously with the body to clean and refresh it. It is very gentle so can be used for wiping your baby’s whole body. Traveling will become 10 times easier with this cleanser in your bag. Even mama bunnies can use this cleanser to remove their makeup!

 No water - No mess – No fuss

    1. Easier than a regular bath but cleans through and through.

    2. Our cleanser is an amalgamation of ingredients that are organically sourced.

    3. Enriched with Aloe and Olive oil; this product keeps your tot’s skin pH -balanced.

    4. Sometimes micellar water can leave the skin feeling dry, but O’mumsie’s formula will leave the skin feeling supple and nourished.

    5. Mama bunnies can use this cleanser to remove makeup as well.

    6. We have cruelty-free and naturally sourced products. We stay ten feet away from harsh chemicals.

    7. It comes with a promise of making your baby bunny happy!

    1. Aloe Vera- Our cleanser is packed with the goodness of Aloe. Soothes the skin as soon as the product gets applied. A natural product that is gentle like aqua.

    2. Olive Oil- Cold-pressed olive oil nourishes your skin from within and gives the skin a healthy glow.

    Ingredients: Aqua, Aloevera Extract, Rosa Damascena, Organic Glycerin, Cucumber Extract, Liquorice Extract, Ashwagandha Extract, Papaya Extract, Witch Hazel Extract, Coco Amido Propyl Betaine, Triethylene Glycol.

    Step 1: Take a washcloth or cotton ball and dampen the cloth with the cleanser.

    Step 2: Use the moist cloth to wipe the area that to wish to clean. No need to use water.

    Step 3: Admire your clean little baby bunny!


    Product contains natural/ organic ingredients & may change color, texture and fragrance over time, without losing effectiveness . Even natural ingredients can cause and trigger existing allergies , patch test recomended.


    1. what is no rinse body cleanser & how is it different from the normal baby wash? A- Put simply, our no-rinse body cleanser is a liquid cleanser that removes dirt and oil from your skin without the need for any water to clean it off after application! That’s our no-rinse body cleanser, in a nutshell. 2. How Doesno-rinsee bodycleanserr Work? A- no-rinse body cleanser is a water solution that contains special molecules called micelles. These micelles are essentially magnets for oil and dirt. When you wipe a cloth that has been dipped in our waterless cleanser across your skin, the tiny micelles drag all the dirt away. So, in short, this cleanser sweeps all the dirt, makeup, and oil away from your skin without washing away the skin moisture or causing irritation. 3. Is this Safe For Babies? A- yes, absolutely! our cleanser is formulated free from any alcohol or other harmful ingredients. it is completely safe to use on your baby’s delicate skin. It’s even safe to use on newborns! 4. when can it be used? A. While changing your baby’s diaper. No rinse body cleanser is extra helpful after a particularly dirty diaper. 5. How Do You Use Micellar Water? A: Pump OMUMSIE No Rinse Body Cleanser on your washcloth or cotton pad. Gently cleanse your baby's body and diaper area.No need to rinse! (Remember, if you’re using micellar water to clean your baby’s diaper area, be sure to wipe from front to back!) 6. Can it be used like a hand sanitizer? A: It works as an alcohol-free hand sanitizer to cleanse your hands when you don’t have access to soap and water. 7. Is it for adults as well? A- yes it’s gentle enough for your baby’s skin and effective enough to add to your makeup-removing routine, this multi-purpose product can be used to freshen up after the gym workouts.

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