Mommy Essentials Kit

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Happy Leg Gel - 1pc Headache Soother - 1pc Sore Muscle Rub - 1pc

  • Happy Leg Gel :- A soothing leg gel for pregnant and post-pregnant ladies. Active ingredients like Spirulina, Aloe vera, and cucumber present in the gel depuffs and relaxes the leg. Massage generously to activate the ingredients for a pain-free leg.
  • Headache Soother :- A powerful rub packed with soothing herbs. Use whenever you start getting a headache or when stress slows you down. Massage onto your forehead, neck, and temples for a relaxed and soothing sensation.
  • Sore Muscle Rub :- This muscle rub comes with the power of heat and freeze therapy. Packed with natural botanicals, this muscle rub will de-stress your body while elevating your soreness. Massage the affected area for maximum effect.