hemorrhoid & fissure Ointment

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This organic Oil Gel works wonders in treating baby fissure bums and pregnancy piles with the sheer power of herbal ingredients like Karanja Oil, Coconut oil , and Neem Oil. Gently apply to the affected area to Soothe Itching, Swelling & Pain. Excellent and safe for babies and mothers alike. 50 ml / 1.6 fl oz Age Group - 6months +


O’Mumsie truly understands skin sensitivity, especially when you are riddled with pregnancy hemorrhoids or wish to find gentle Oil Gel for your baby fissure bums. Therefore, to tackle the dilemma, we have curated an all-natural and organic ointment that is gentle on your skin while healing it simultaneously. This ointment helps to  relieve pain, itching, burning, discomfort and inflammation associated with piles , piles fissures and other anorectal disorders. Our gentle formula is suitable for the entire family of all ages.

No pain- No burns- No harmful chemicals

1. Piles fissure is a tear or split in the skin of the anus. Fissures are small (like paper cuts) and sometimes are hard to see. In babies, fissures may cause pain, especially when your child has or needs to poop.

2. O’Mumsie hemorrhoid & fissure Oil Gel is specially created to treat painful baby fissure bums, pregnancy piles and swelling of the anus or rectum.

3. O’mumsie Natural & Ayurvedic approach towards healing hemorrhoids is effective than using medications, suppositories or other pharmaceutical products that could cause more harm than good in the long run.

4. This cruelty free Oil Gel does not possess any dyes or chemicals that can stain your skin or clothes.

5. The soothing formula of O’Mumsie can work wonders to ease out constipation issues too.

6. Our organic ointment is pediatrician and dermatologist approved, so you and your family can use the product without worrying about its composition.

7. O’Mumsie hemorrhoid & fissure Oil Gel is formulated with organic, wildcrafted and essential oil ingredients from nature. It is safe for your body while also helps in numbing and shrinking of hemorrhoids.

Aloe vera: Aloe vera is an exceptionally powerful ingredient that has impressive anti-inflammatory properties. This organically sourced plant reduces spot inflammation while providing instant soothing relief.

Karanja oil: Karanja Oil is one of the oldest and richest ingredients in Ayurveda. This oil is rich in astringent properties, which helps shrink your ailment. Karanja oil can also help to manage pain.

Neem: Since neem is widely popular for its antibacterial properties, its inclusion can help protect your wound from further infection. Neem also helps alleviate itching and discomfort.

Ingredients: Aloevera Oil,Coconut Oil, Olive Oil,Karanja Oil, Neem Oil,Ginger Oil, Sesame Oil, Haldi Oil, Bees Wax, Castor Oil, Sunflower Oil, Caprylic And Capric Triglyceride

Step one: Squeeze out a generous amount and apply delicately in and around the targeted area.

Consider applying three to four times per day or subsequently after every bowel movement.

For external use only. If symptoms persist, seek medical attention.*