Tiny Explorers Travel Kit

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Our Tiny Explorers Travel Kit includes all of our baby's gentle, hydrating skincare necessities in Travel size. O'mumsie Tiny Explorers Travel Kit includes: 1. Baby Soft Face & Body Butter - 1pc (50 gm) 2. It's Bath Time Baby Shampoo + Wash - 1pc (50 ml)

Clean ingredients you can trust

  • Baby Face & Body Butter :- A rich butter for your kid’s sensitive skin. Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Jojoba oil make this butter nourishing and moisturizing. Apply this butter after a bath or whenever your kid’s skin feels dry. Soft, supple skin for the whole day!
  • Baby Shampoo + Wash :- A twin combo of wash and shampoo in one bottle for more comfortable baths. It is made out of organic Shea butter, Aloe vera, and Green apple extracts. No tears formula keeps the baby happy while bathing. Your baby will be squeaky clean and well moisturized after the bath.